Imagica Technology, Incorporated, is a designer and manufacturer of high-performance image sensors that utilize proprietary technology licensed from Lumiense Photonics and from a variety of CMOS and scientific photodiode fabrication processes.

Sony Line Scan Replacement Products

Imagica ITR is a series of line scan sensors designed specifically to replace several of the 14 micron pixel pitch ILX line scan devices discontinued by Sony Semiconductor several years ago.  These sensors, which are replacements for the Sony ILX511B, ILX554A and ILX703A, are now available.  Unlike the Sony offering, the ITR series are available with taped-on windows for users who need to apply special windows or to coat the sensor directly.  With the ITR sensors, there is no need to arrange to have the windows removed by a third party.  Instead, just pull on the tape and the temporary window comes off.   Product Page here.

20 MHz Line Scan Sensors

For general-purpose line scan camera use at line rates up to 10 kHz, Imagica offers its ITL-2048 series.  Three models are available with pixel heights of 14, 56 and 196 micron pixel height.  Pixel pitch is 14 microns in all models.  These devices are available with standard glass windows, removable windows for applications requiring direct access to the die surface and custom windows with materials like fused silica or antireflectance coating.  Product Page here.

1200 dpi, 576 pixel, 40 MHz Contact image Sensor Device

This device will be sold in wafer from ready for processing by assemblers starting in Fall 2019.  Imagica will also offer two ready-to use products with ITC-576 die early in 2020:

  1. A single-die packaged device for evaluation and for line scan applications requiring line rates up to 65 kHz, and
  2. A board with 16 butted die to cover a scan width of 195 mm.  Scan output is selectable to allow a speed/output tradeoff.

Area Array Product

In the Spring of 2020. Imagica will offer its first area sensor built with the Lumiense stacked architecture.  This will be a 1/3-inch 1080p, 60 fps, HDR device with 3 micron pixels and an optional Bayer filter.  It will feature a high-extinction global shutter, nearly 100% fill factor without microlenses, low noise, very high full well capacity (and, therefore, high linear dynamic range) and low dark current. 

Custom Requirements

if the devices described here don't quite meet your needs, please fill out the form on our main website Contact page to provide us with a description of your ideal sensor.