ITL-2048 is a high performance CMOS linear image sensor with 2048 pixels suitable for fast scanning applications requiring line rates up to 10 kHz. The ITL-2048 has a 14 µm pixel pitch and is available in three pixel heights - 14, 56 and 196 µm. The ITL-2048 requires a single 5V power supply.


  •  2048 active pixels centered in the package
  •  14µm pixel pitch
  •  Models with pixel heights of 14, 56 or 196 µm
  •  Single 5 volt supply - no higher voltages needed
  •  Global shuttering
  •  On-chip correlated double sampling
  •  Supports clock rates up to 20 MHz
  •  Available with removable window for UV applications
  •  Ceramic package and gold-plated pins
  •  High red and near-infrared response with low ripple

Removable Window

All ITL-2048-TW models have a temporary removable window for use in applications where a coating or a fiber optic must be applied to the sensor die surface.  A version with a permanent sealed window is also available here.

The warranty on the ITL-2048-xxx-TW terminates when the temporary window is removed.

Product Data

A full technical Product Brief is available for download here.

Shipping Configuration

These devices are shipped in single-pack antistatic boxes.

Larger Quantities

Pricing for 10 or more units is lower for devices supplied in bulk in antistatic plastic tubes.  This packaging option is listed here.  Additional discounts are available for quantities of 100 or more units.  For this information, send an e-mail with your requirement to sales@maxwell-hiqe.com

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