US Ordering

We recommend strongly that you discuss your requirements with us before ordering.

Ordering On-Line:

Register on the website and select your items.


Two payment methods are offered on-line through Maxwell-Hiqe - PayPal and credit cards from Visa, Mastercard and American Express.  These methods will be presented on the payment page at the end of the checkout process.  To use PayPal, select "PayPal".  To use a credit card, select "Credit Card",

PayPal orders can only be shipped to the verified address associated with the PayPal account.

Credit Card Rules

We accept credit cards issued only on US banks. To use a shipping address that is different from the billing address, you must tell the credit card issuer to associate this address wih he account.  Call the credit card customer service number and tell the representative that you want to add an alternate shipping address to the record.  This is necessary for the credit card processor address verification system to operate properly.  A mismatch in the verification will cause the transaction to be declined.

While this works with essentially all credit cards, some debit and check cards do not allow an alternate shipping address. For debit and check card orders, we suggest that you do not attempt to ship your order to an alternate address as it may delay your order.

We may require a scan of the credit or debit card to be sent to us with a sample signature and the card billing address if the verification fails.

All items are charged to credit cards at the time of order.

Ordering by Phone, Fax or E-mail

You may also call or e-mail us to provide a purchase order.  Terms of payment for purchase orders will depend on your credit status and the type of merchandise ordered.  Orders entered into the webstore cart without payment are still accessible to us so resending the order is not necessary.

Acceptance and Other Policies

All orders received on-line are subject to acceptance by Maxwell-Hiqe Corporation.  Submission of an order via does not commit us to ship.

We do not ship to forwarders.  Orders specifying a forwarder as shipping address will be canceled.

Products are not returnable unless a return policy is included in the individual product listing. 

Prepayments are not refundable.

If you have questions on these policies, please send an e-mail to